Trends in Technology 2021

As discussed in prior posts in this series, Artificial Intelligent (AI) androids will likely be part of the Technology 2021 outlook. In the future, they will be able to work alongside people as assistants, or perform more complicated tasks as they are trained. They will not need to be around for long, since their workload will diminish as the technology that they are trained to become more sophisticated. As new technology is developed, they will continue to evolve, but humans will also continue to take control of their assistants’ activity. When one system is installed, it can perform the tasks of another, and as more things are added, the number of assistants will continue to grow exponentially. This transition will likely continue until at least 2040.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, humans have been involved in creating AIs that can perform the tasks of ordinary people. They began doing this with the creation of the Apple computer, and has expanded into developing software programs, smart phones, and wearable technologies such as fitness monitors. As new tech trends emerge, artificially intelligent software will likely continue to improve and be programmed to be proactive. This will result in more technologically advanced systems, which in turn will drive even greater investment in these programs and technologies.

Other emerging technology trends include self-driving cars and trucks, holographic smart clothes, augmented reality glasses and more. These and other innovations will provide consumers with the latest in entertainment and information technology. They will also have the ability to explore new medical treatments, travel to more destinations, and be a part of more exciting team sports. For the corporate community, these and other trends will provide an edge over competitors and provide the cash flow that companies need in order to compete in today’s marketplace.

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