Tips to Avoid food Excesses

Gastronomic excesses and Christmas is an indispensable and almost inevitable combination, but there are always some tricks to curb the tragic consequences with the calories of more.

  • Dinner Christmas Eve, 
  • the meal Christmas, 
  • New Year and cotillion, 
  • New Year, 
  • and food day six

And, of course, to all that add company dinners, makeshift reeds and meals with friends. However, there are some small tips to avoid calories. Take note:

Do not eat downtown: The amounts we eat are significant, it is better that you serve yourself on your plate and see everything you are going to eat instead of being pecking from one place to another.

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Speed ​​at the table is bad symptom: Take it easy and moderate your speed; the brain needs time to convey the feeling of satiety. Eat slowly and chew food very well. Satiety appears approximately after 20 minutes of eating.

Do not arrive hungry at the table: Arriving with a lot of appetites will make you all feel like it, it is better to satiate ourselves before, drink a lot of water and have a snack like fruit or nuts and, in that way, we will choose better what to eat, what we want.

Reward yourself but don’t overdo it: Do not deprive yourself of Christmas sweets because it is almost an impossible mission. 

Please choose the one you like and enjoy it; it is better to give yourself a small pleasure than to ban it altogether and that your body responds with an impulsive start and its consequent binge.

Remove your plate: Once you finish the meal, remove your plate and cutlery as well as the food from the table and, in this way, you will not continue pecking constantly.

The real key is to be flexible and run away from the ban. Going with a mentality of punishment towards ourselves can only trigger excesses.

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