The Effects of Artificial Intelligence

If you have been paying attention to the news concerning Artificial Intelligence, you have probably been fascinated as well as bothered by the different applications Artificial Intelligence is being put to use in domains such as education, industry and business. You might also be aware that the field of AI was first studied by one very famous person in our time, Alan Kay. His work at that time was geared towards programming language software for the U.S. military. However, his main concern and inspiration were Artificial Intelligence, which has since then acquired a lot of momentum and has become a topic of interest to a wide range of people in all domains. If we continue to be fascinated by the powers Artificial Intelligence holds, sooner or later, its applications will touch on all aspects of our lives from business to entertainment and government.

One area where we see tremendous potential in the use of artificially intelligent systems and technologies is the labor market. Experts are predicting that in the next three to five years, artificially intelligent androids will be designed to handle most, if not all the work performed in the office. The implementation of such systems and technologies will primarily affect the level of employment, but also have a big and positive impact on the overall economy.

Artificial Intelligence systems and technologies such as software robots and computer programs can be used to automate tasks that have become tedious or tiring for human employees. In fact, researchers claim that the current level of artificial intelligence is already better than that of human professionals. However, humans still hold the upper hand when it comes to tasks that do not fall under the purview of artificial intelligence systems and technologies. For instance, if an employee performs multiple tasks that are crucial to the company’s functioning, then he or she is no longer relevant to the company. Thus, we see that the implementation of artificially intelligent robotic androids would require more work from humans as they are expected to perform specific tasks such as doing data entry or typing information into a computer.

Some researchers also predict that within a decade, up to one hundred fifty percent of all jobs could be automated using artificially intelligent AIs or robotic androids. This is because of the rapid increase in the rate of technology adoption and research. Another benefit associated with this form of technology is its effect on the labor market. Experts believe that artificially intelligent androids will be able to replace manual labor in the home and in the workplace. This means that while researchers and developers continue to create better AI machines that can do many different tasks, the demand for skilled workers will remain high.

The effects of artificial intelligence on the economy has also led some researchers to suggest that it is time to adapt to the arrival of self-driving cars and other forms of automated vehicles. According to them, the government should invest in autonomous electric vehicle technology innovation to help offset the impact of artificially intelligent androids. The use of self-driving vehicles could free up more labor for other forms of employment like white-collar jobs, thus creating more economic opportunity for people in the long run.

Researchers expect that artificial intelligence and robotics will be an important factor in the fulfillment of the goals of the United State’s Department of Defense in the next five to ten years. For the United States, the Defense Advanced Research Agency (Darpa) has already announced that it will be investing nearly seven hundred million dollars in the next five years on a variety of technologies and programs to help boost the nation’s economic growth. Experts believe that in the future, it may not be necessary for humans to carry out tasks like typing at work, or driving to and from work. Instead, artificial intelligence and robotics technology will do these tasks for us.

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