Space station detectors found the source of weird ‘blue jet’ lightning.

A while back, I read an interesting article concerning strange blue jet lightning in space. It seems to originate from a region of the solar system known as Lagrange Point. According to the article; “we know that this region was created and is maintained by white clouds, which seem to be constantly moving through the void of space at very high speeds. These clouds could be clustered around a Lagrange point, and the lightning there could explain the formation of the ice clouds.”

Now then, I did some quick thinking and came up with the following possible scenarios that might explain the presence of strange blue jet lightning. The first possibility was a massive cloud cover forming above and around a Lagrange point like the one described above. This cloud cover would cause the lightning to appear. I suppose it could also be due to debris from an aircraft crashing into one of these clouds. Perhaps it’s worth looking into all of this.

Another possibility is the development and destruction of large space debris. The debris itself would produce a plasma discharge and the lightning in space could result. Of course this would explain why there are no satellite or space station sensors available to detect this type of lightning. Perhaps we will find such technology someday, but until then we have to rely on our common sense and keep an eye out for strange blue lightning in space.

Now then, there are a couple of other possibilities that might account for the formation of clouds around Lagrange points and the production of odd lightning in space. For instance, perhaps some space debris (and I’m just guessing here, but I’ve heard rumors of other types of debris producing similar effects) was captured by one of these space station sensors and then returned to Earth. Perhaps there is an abandoned mining operation on the Moon or another space exploration vehicle in the stages of reentry. One of these things might explain why there are no weather stations currently in space.

In addition, strange blue light and streaks of light that you sometimes see in distant photos taken by amateur astronomers may be from experiments in low Earth orbit. These experiments (or experiments, I should say) are carried out by the U.S. Air Force, NASA and other organizations. If you take a look at some of their photos of space, you will see the flashes of light at various angles. Could these flashes be from experiments?

Well, that’s one theory, anyway. You could also say that the flashes of light are caused by stray microwaves bouncing off of Lagrange points and back to Earth. There is, after all, a research team working on a new space research satellite that is doing experiments to try to answer the question, “Why did the blue jet disappear?” If you have any more theories, feel free to use this article as fertile ground for sharing them with the world.

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