PUBG Mobile App – Free to Play & Earn Money

PubG is so addicting. Like any other online game, yes of course it’s quite addictive. But what’s the big deal? Why am I comparing them to PUBG? Is PUBG less addictive than Instagram? Here are the reasons why I think they are the similar and yet different game.

There are many differences between PUBG and ROOMS. When ROOMS, or the real-time battles in Plants vs Zombies, first released, they were a success, but later as social networking sites became popular, people stopped playing the real-time battles and instead played on their social networking profiles. This is when PUBG, or the pubg mobile app, was created. People enjoyed playing the real-time battles in the pubg mobile app because they could play with friends and not have to fight against real opponents.

But in-app play is different. A lot of people say that in-app play is worse than the real-time battle. But I disagree. When you play PUBG mobile edition, you are going against real players, who are going to send you back home because your last save was a loss. So technically, the in-app play is better than the battle royale.

So, if the in-app purchases are better than the real-time battle, why are they compared? In-app purchases can also be compared to the Facebook “Buy” button. Almost every mobile game has an in-app purchase button. Whether or not this is good or bad is debatable. My opinion is that in-app purchases make pubg mobile app less addictive because you are not forced to spend real money when you want to buy something.

So why did PUBG decide to add the in-app purchases option to PubG mobile app? I believe it was to attract more casual gamers. In the pubg mobile app, you can play for free and without spending any money. You can buy items through the in-app purchases interface. You also have the option to buy coins to spend on special missions. These coins, used for in-app purchases, can also be traded for cash in the real currency market.

So now, whether or not playing for free is better than playing for money is a subjective argument. My opinion is that both are equally fun and rewarding. Some people play for money and some people play just for fun. If you are going to play the game, I recommend that you play for money as well. If you are just casually playing, go for the free options and enjoy the game.

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