Employees of Fast Food Chains Reveal What They Never Order in Restaurants

Hi friend! Did you know that some workers in the very popular fast food centers have revealed some things that we should never eat from these places?

While we all know that eating in these places is not exactly healthy, some of its employees give us some guidance on some of the products that we should not consume.

Today we will tell you some of these stories about some of these restaurants. You want to know more? Then stay until the end and do not forget to tell us your opinion.

Burger King: unpopular sandwiches

I worked at the Burger King. Do not order grilled chicken or veggie burger. No one asks for them, so they stay there for hours “wrote a user who deleted his account.

McDonald’s: McCafé

A worker at McDonald’s certified that they should never ask for anything that comes out of McCafe’s machine, since they are routinely neglected.

Dunkin ‘Donuts: sandwiches

The donuts are good, but do not order the sandwiches. The tuna or chicken is removed from a small container, the eggs come ‘precooked’. wrote a user who deleted his account.

McDonald’s: nuggets

“I used to work at McDonald’s. If you order something, especially chicken nuggets, you have to ask for them fresh, otherwise, they are required.

They have a timer, but in nine every ten times they just turn off and reconnect the timer in instead of making new nuggets, and so on until they are sold, “wrote Ritch88.

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Taco Bell: meat and beans

I worked at the Taco Bell and warned everyone to get away from the beans and the steak. The beans looked like cat food and the orders were ‘put water and stir until nothing is white.

It was the dirtiest dish, if you were waiting a long time, it would appear like a hair gel, it was horrible, “wrote the user Beefcake21.

KFC: sandwich

“I worked at KFC, the barbecue sandwich is really made with old chicken, so they submerge in barbecue sauce to disguise,” wrote a user who deleted his account.


This will undoubtedly make us stop a little longer before ordering any of these meals. What do you think?

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