Interesting Technology Quotes From Science Fiction Books Or Movies

Technology is changing every day and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology quotes. What I am going to do in this article is to provide you with five of my favorite technology quotes and then I will show you why these quotes are always true no matter who says them or how they are said. First, we need to discuss one of the most common quotes that is floating around and that is the quote “If you have a net, you cannot avoid making mistakes”. This is absolutely true, even if you have a small net, there is always some sort of mistake that you will make. This is why technology is always changing, because you cannot avoid making mistakes, you are going to make them, period!

Second, let’s take a look at a couple of other technology quotes that have recently come into vogue. One of these quotes is, “You can not get a man out of his car”, which is also true. Now, while many people use a head start, especially when they are getting out of traffic, some people get out of their cars and drive home. Some people try to look at the big picture and realize “Gee whiz, if only I could figure out how to drive home from here on the highway all the time”. Now, granted this could be possible, but you would have to spend millions of dollars to pay for such a study. And what about Arthur Blank?

Last, let’s look at one of the more interesting and somewhat controversial quotes: “You are what you eat”, which is almost a new age variation on the “you are what you own” truism. In this case, the old truism was “You are what you have.” Which means that instead of saying “you are rich”, you say “you are fat”, etc. In any case, this famous line from Star Trek should be examined closely, because it says much more than just your monetary situation. We live in a magical world and technology quotes are a great way to reflect upon our current state of mind and how we want to see the future.

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