Dishes You Must Learn to Cook Before 30

Dishes to cook before 30. In this article I am listing 17 Dishes that one must master before they cross their 30th birthday mark.

You may like cod, serranito, croquette, or a good potato omelet, but you think it takes effort and time to get to work. Well, no, things are easier than they seem and, besides, you can save a lot of money.

With less than thirty, you may know how well paella tastes, but you may not know how to cook it. The same can happen with other dishes on the list that follows.

Dishes to Cook Before 30

Here’s a quick list of dishes that one must master before they turn 30:

  1. Salads,
  2. Vegetable cream,
  3. Grilled cuttlefish,
  4. Potato gratin,
  5. Ceviche,
  6. Croquettes,
  7. Stuffed eggs,
  8. Gazpacho,
  9. Roasted apples,
  10. Guacamole,
  11. Dumplings,
  12. Risotto,
  13. Hummus,
  14. Steak,
  15. Flan,
  16. Crepes,
  17. and Meatballs

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Preparing it seems simple, but it is not. The secret is hidden in how we drain the lettuce. If when we put it on the plate, it is still very wet, the dressing is spoiled. There are no rules for extras, although it is advisable not to overload it.

If you are not a lettuce fan, you can use other options such as Caprese salad, made with basil, mozzarella and tomato leaves, or pasta.

Vegetable cream

Great for the fall and winter season, as it helps us get warm if you don’t like spinach or chard you have to turn to other vegetables. Or mix them, this will open thousands of options. While preparing use the ones that are about to pass, as not to throw them away.

Grilled cuttlefish

The most important thing is to buy a sepia of good quality. Once at home, how do we make it tender? The main thing is not to rush. If we do not want it to be hard, we should put the cuttlefish in the pan when it is boiling. Then, we can add salt and a dressing of garlic, parsley and olive oil.

Potato gratin

The positive part of learning to cook some gratin potatoes is that they can serve both as a main and side dish for meat or fish. Apart from the classic recipe, it can be combined with other ingredients such as bacon or some types of cheese.

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As with all fish, the one we use to prepare our ceviche must be of good quality. It is advisable not to freeze it before making the recipe, or that it has been previously. For the side dishes, please do not use a strong onion that covers the flavor, leave it for about ten minutes in the water.


There will never be croquettes like your grandmother’s, but why not get down to work and try to imitate them? The key is to make a very thin and crunchy batter, although inside the texture should be creamy and smooth. Regarding taste, choose what you like best: cheese, sausage, zucchini, fish, etc.

Stuffed eggs

The preparation of stuffed eggs is simple and not very expensive. One of the advantages offered by this dish is that we can store them in the fridge to consume them at another time.

We must let the eggs cook well in saltwater for about ten minutes so that they do not break, nor that the yolk loses its yellowish color. There are multiple varieties of stuffing: tuna and mayonnaise, with pesto, bonito, ham and bechamel, etc.


The protagonist of this dish must be the tomato. Therefore, we do not use any type; we must use ripe tomatoes to make us tasty. The choice of tomatoes will make the difference between a correct and a lovely gazpacho.

In order not to cover the tomato flavor, we must try not to go over with the garlic. Another trick so that the gazpacho is better is that we mace the vegetables.

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Roasted Apples

To prepare this dish, it is important to know which variety of this fruit is the most appropriate. The Golden or the Reineta are two of the best options, while others such as fuji or Red Delicious would crumble in the oven for their sweetness.

If they want to be done quickly, they can be done in the microwave. However, the caramelized result will not be the same.


Although it indeed is more of a sauce than a dish, it is an excellent homemade option to wet the nachos. If we want to make Mexican-style guacamole, you should not use the blender. In addition to saving money, you avoid the extras that are in the supermarket.


To avoid the calories that would imply if we made them fried, we can choose to make them grilled, following the style of Asian cuisine. It is healthier and faster than preparing them in the oven. The ingredients are to taste: we can take advantage of leftovers or choose the products that we like the most.


Different factors must be taken into account to make the perfect risotto. The main thing is rice, whose best varieties for this dish are arborio and carnaroli, both of Italian origin. Once we prepare the meal, everything goes through knowing how to stir with the wooden spoon and make it creamy.


Literal meaning of this Arabic word is “chickpeas.” Thus, it is evident that it is the main ingredient of this cream. The key is that the chickpea is very cooked to be able to crush it later.

Now, for flavor, you need tahina , an ingredient that is increasingly easy to find. It is a paste of ground sesame seeds and is the basis of many recipes of Arabic cuisine.


Preparing a good steak can be less complicated than buying it. Quality of meat matters as it will cause it to shrink in the pan or be hard as the sole of a shoe.

We must also take into account if we want to be under-done, to the point or very done; we must control the heat of the pan before cooking.


Your grandmother’s egg custard has a soft texture, is creamy, light and with a smooth caramel that sweetens it. The secret so that you can prepare a similar one is to sift the mixture before filling the containers and ensure that the cooking is at the optimum temperature.


A straightforward recipe. In principle, it only requires flour, milk, egg and oil or butter so that they do not stick. If you want to make sweet or savory, add a pinch of sugar or salt. After all, the most important thing is that the dough is thin, without lumps. To be homogeneous, make sure that the pan you use is entirely flat.


To knead the meat, it must be freshly minced or ground, to be very thin. Never put the meat to freeze and thaw, as it would lose several of its nutrients and part of its flavor. When frying, do it over medium heat to avoid burning outside and being raw inside.

Now, if we don’t want to make the meat, they can also be made with vegetarian and seasonal products: sweet potatoes, mushrooms, quinoa and rice.

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